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First Friday of each month

Come and showcase your talent and bring your friends, whether you’re an emerging artist or seasoned performer.  Connect with like-minded people in our supportive community, look and sound you’re best with our professional setup.  Whether you’re a singer, songwriter, poet, comedian, or want to watch an unforgettable evening of entertainment and inspiration, all are welcome.


Modern and traditional British folk with a campfire-punk twist, including songs by John Martyn and the Housemartins.


Finger picking guitar style and melodic vocals, singing folk classics from Cat Stevens, James Taylor and Steeleye Span.


A blues veteran and long time performer at Redhill Open Mic. Previously played with the Paynekillers and the Parole Brothers.


A regular performer, reciting poetry and singing songs inspired by his life as a farmer and nature lover on the Yatton levels.

  • Doors open at 7pm and admission is free
  • Performances start around 8pm until late
  • Fully licensed bar at affordable prices
  • Selection of traditional local ciders
  • Food served during the interval
  • Ample car parking on site
  • Arrive early to ensure a seat and the best view
  • Performers can book a slot in advance or just turn up

Want to perform?

We pride ourselves in providing a relaxed and supportive environment for both experienced performers and newcomers alike.

Whether you are trying out new material ahead of a gig, leaving the bedroom for the first time, or just for the joy of performing, Redhill Open Mic welcomes all performers.  

Whilst the majority of performers tend to be musicians we have also opened our stage to; spoken word / poetry, A-Capella groups and Shanty singers. We have even had the odd comedian try their hand.  All performers of all levels are welcome!

FAQs for open mic performers

Yes! We have our own PA and someone at the mixing desk.

This depends on how many performers want to play. Generally we allow a minimum of 10 minutes per slot (2 or 3 songs) but it’s always worth preparing enough material to go a little longer. 

If less performers turn up on the night, we can usually extend a slot or offer a second slot after the interval. We sometimes offer the opportunity for a live jam at the end of the evening.

No, you can just turn up. We keep around half of the time free for performers who turn up on the night. 

We welcome bookings, but if you need to cancel please let us know as soon as possible. This may allow us to accommodate someone else.

Reasons to Book a slot in advance:

  • You want to be absolutely sure you will get to play
  • You have a larger group of performers or special/complex technical need.
  • You have a drummer or live percussionist


Yes, we encourage all performers to bring their own instrument and pretty much everyone prefers it that way. That said, if you contact us in good time, we may be able to arrange something for you.

Usually not – we have ample mono instrument cables and XLR microphone cables. However if you have specialist or unusual inputs or output sockets please bring your own cables and/or adapters just to be on the safe side.

You are welcome to bring your own effects pedals, loopers, etc.

Occasionally performers want to use their own amp which is fine with us but please bear in mind it that it needs to be appropriately sized for the stage and should have a line out. Generally any combination amp should be fine but a separate head with 4 x 12 cabs would be excessive.

Generally instruments are plugged into one of our on-stage DI boxes but some performers prefer to site a microphone close to their instrument. Either is fine by us. 

Whichever input method is used, we then route the sound to the main PA speakers via the mixing desk. 

Yes we do but if you have more than 2 vocalists and other miked instruments we may have to find a compromise (unless you bring you own microphone)

We don’t have a resident drum kit! But if you want to bring your own please read below carefully….

Live kits – Yes but we can’t mic them up; the size of the venue means we can usually get away with unamplified live drums.  Ideally you should bring a stripped back kit due to the size of the stage area.

Electronic kits – yes providing the kit has a standard instrument output 1/4 inch mono jack (socket).

The main challenge with drums is the set up time between performances and the size of the stage area. Generally we will try and place acts with drums strategically (e.g. first on, last on or straight after the after the interval).

If you are want to bring a drum kit please try to:

  • Let us know in advance
  • Arrive early so we can help set up what we can in advance.
  • Strip it back if you can (Can you make do without your floor toms for this one?)

Sign-up to ensure your slot

Open Mic Performer Redstock 23 - July 8th

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